Poo, Bum, Dickie

You are now aware of the drinking game: Poo, Bum, Dickie

Roman numerals or poo bum dickie is a drinking game played by a moderate gathering of people, all with alcoholic beverages. The premise is that players must count upwards from one around the circle in Roman numerals. The Roman numerals are replaced by words chosen for their humour, with many variations. The most common version is:
- The word poo must be used instead of I.
- The word bum must be used instead of V.
- The word dickie must be used instead of X.

The game is started by any person clearly saying “poo” (relating to I). The next player clockwise must then say “poo poo” (II). This order then continues around the circle until:
- a player says the wrong thing, or;
- a player takes too long to say anything, or;
- a player laughs.

Players who violate one of these three rules will be forced to consume some of their beverage.

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